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What would you do if you were alone in the world, at college, and had just under $1million?

Coming this fall by Joseph Anthony, Some College Somewhere is a book of short fiction stories chronicling the life of a self-destructive college student. Crushed by loss in his childhood, main character Matthew Rose has nothing but money in his pocket and emptiness inside him. These stories offer a glimpse into the college situations millions of people have lived as well as a glimpse into a life that many can only experience in their wildest dreams.

The Alphabet of Dating

We all have an Alphabet of Dating...what does your alphabet look like? Remember your first crush, first kiss, first love? how about all of those first dates and relationships that didn't quite work out? Each person holds a special place in your alphabet. At the heart of every romance is the desire to find a connection with someone else. Joseph Anthony's The Alphabet of Dating takes readers on a quest for love, where they experience the joys of discovering someone new, the bitterness of regret, and the moments that can make or break relationships. Through the initialed entries of his own alphabet, the narrator gives us an intimate look at the profound, ephemeral, and often fickle love that illuminates the human spirit.

Praise for The Alphabet of Dating

"Will have you cataloging your own quest for love. Seasoned, crisp...and full of universal truths."
–Richard Polk, author of Mantis Prayers and The Boarder on Monroe Street

An Uneaten Breakfast

"When the most precious thing in your world religiously haunts you it can make life a living hell…" In the title story of An Uneaten Breakfast, William Scott reveals the essence of his tortured soul through the dark memoir of his past. Death, mystery, and raw emotion eat the characters in these stories from the inside out as they desperately try to recover the lives they once lived. While the poems offer some uplifting moments they push the perceptions of mortality, lost youth and the unalterable passing of time to the forefront of the reader's mind. This diverse collection of poetry and short fiction truly has something to offer every reader.

Praise for An Uneaten Breakfast

"Using lyrical poetry and prose, Mr. Anthony adeptly weaves a map of the emotional landscapes within and between his characters. An Uneaten Breakfast resides strongly and comfortably among classic and contemorary masterpieces."
–Samsara Literary Magazine

“Warm poetry and short stories make a pleasant combination. Captivating--keeps the reader on the edge of his or her chair.” – Bea Smith, The Local Source